Scones at East Scryne Fruit

The story behind our famous scones

Our irresistibly yummy scones are the most popular item on our menu, and we are often asked for the recipe. But unfortunately we are not able to share it with you. We use a top secret Doric recipe, from deepest, darkest Aberdeenshire, which was passed on to me by my great friend, Margaret Garden (Meg), who was entrusted with it by her Granny.

Baking with Meg, using her top secret scone recipe

Meg’s scones are made in one big, round ‘cake’ shape which we cut into triangular segments. So much easier to eat than round ones, don’t you agree?

Margaret says: “Yes it’s my Granny’s recipe. She was a tiny soul – even shorter than me and her name was Helen (Nellie) Gauld. She was my Dad’s Mum and they lived on an outfarm between Aberdeen and Kintore, with chickens, ducks, bees and a cow for their own use. She was always baking and making cheese. The name of the farm was Balgosie – sadly a ruin now.  I have very happy memories of staying there during the summer holidays.”

Keeper of the yummy scone recipe - Meg Gardner
Guardian of the secret scone recipe, Meg, with her husband