Welcome to East Scryne Fruit

Please note, we are now closed for the winter. We look forward to seeing you again when we re-open in May 2021.

Delicious fruit ice creams at our farm shop.

The farm has a wonderful machine which takes in tubbed Mackie’s vanilla, mixes it with a fruit of choice and tuns out a stream of lightly whipped wonder into either a tub or cone. It is so lovely to see each bespoke order being created right in front of the customer. I know some people who dislike strawberry ice cream but my instinct is that their hatred comes from the days of synthetic-tasting Neapolitan in a box. This is so very different as it actually tastes of strawberries and not just chemically enhanced flavouring. We loved it.

Kerry Moores, Review in “The Courier” July 2018

Fruit and scone

Visited for first time yesterday and had fabulous fruit scone and cheese scone. Amongst the best we have tasted with the fruit one being particularly nicely presented. Coffee was also excellent as was the vanilla ice cream cone that one of us couldn’t resist and of course the pleasant service from the staff.  A nice experience and we will most certainly be back. Thank you.

Wilma via facebook