New opening arrangements


Please note that the following social distancing arrangements are now in place, for the safety of our customers and staff.


We have two queues – one for cars, and one for bikes and pedestrians.


We will only be able to serve one person at a time and will serve pedestrians first so that they can get on their way as we want to encourage picking up purchases and moving on swiftly.Cars are preferable, and people will be served in their cars. Please be prepared to wait a little.


We aim only to use contactless card payment but if you don’t have a card, we will accept cash at the exact amount.Social distancing guidelines will be strictly followed, and we will make sure there is a 2 metre distance between people.


Takeaway Coffee
We have take away coffee but it will be filter coffee (as it’s quicker and therefore safer), although still from the same very popular @matthewalgiecoffee beans.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

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